Who we are

Since 1995, MODELCAR is dedicated exclusively to the distribution of products for the Radiomodelling, Hobby and Leisure markets. Headquartered in the Industrial Area of Travessas - São João da Madeira, Portugal, where it has a warehouse with an area of 1,000 m2, represents in Portugal some of the most prestigious brands worldwide, also marketing a wide range of products and accessories with their own trademarks - MODELCAR ® and LUCA ® - maintaining a permanent stock of about 30,000 references, including models, parts and accessories. It imports from various countries, in particular France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, China and the United States.

- As well as operating on the national market, it exports regularly to Spain and Italy, where it has a vast network of AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS


Our Mission Statement

Modelcar aims to achieve excellence in quality in the distribution of radiomodelling products. For that, it always demands the total availability of its collaborators in an exclusive market orientation. The client, the supplier, all and any institution that, directly or indirectly, comes in contact with Modelcar, must be attended, always and without any exception, with total consideration, respect and, above all, honesty.

We believe that our clients are our first priority and the satisfaction of their needs is our focus.


Our Philosophy

We always aim to have the best collaborators, who share our ideals and defend them daily. We believe that the second are the first of last and, as such, we always aim to lead. We want to be leaders in all the markets in which we operate.

Nevertheless, we always demand an ethically correct performance and, above all, with total honesty, in absolute respect for our clients, suppliers and any other partners.

As a distribution company we always promote the brands we represent and, with that, we give total confidence to our suppliers and customers.